#HackTheBase IoT Hub

IoT Hub

The #HackTheBase IoT Hub is a collaboration hub that opens a whole new series of IoT events that will create an area to collaborate for technology developers, industry representatives, and investors interested in IoT opportunities.

We organize a series of IoT events such as regular meetups, workshops, and hackathons to the community members.

IoT Hub Perks

As a member, you will get access to the community resources that can help you to work on your IoT project. When you need help, you can ask the members to join. The IoT Hub will give you access to the infrastructure dedicated to your project such as

Infrastructure and another related resources are available for free for your project. In return back to the community, you need to share all the outcomes from your project with the community including source code and data. The goal of this is to help community members in their further education and development. If you would like to work on your commercial project or keep it private, you need to have a Professional membership level.

In cooperation with industry members of the IoT Hub, you can work on their IoT challenges and move them into real business opportunities.

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IoT Hub Membership - Perks

IoT Hub Membership - Perks

IoT Hub Membership levels

When you register to the IoT Hub, you will get the membership level Geek. You can upgrade to the Professional level at any time.
Before you can switch your membership to the Industry or Accelerator level, you need to apply here.


Gives access to the community resources such as access to the events, infrastructure for community use, apply for contracts, discount for products and services from the industry members, this membership level is free for all registered users.

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IoT Hub Membership - Geek

IoT Hub Membership - Professional


Offers the same perks as the Geek level, access to the infrastructure for commercial use, posting the contracts/jobs to the community members, this membership level is available for professional individuals, startups and small businesses.

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The membership is available for industry partners and organizations who are looking to open an IoT challenge, suppliers for their IoT projects, offer products and services, and talents.

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IoT Hub Membership - Industry

IoT Hub Membership - Accelerator


Designed for the IoT startups hosted by an accelerator allowing them the special level of the membership with the same perks as the Industry level.

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Would you like to have own challenge at the hackathon? Would you like to learn more about the IoT Hub membership?

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